Sunday January 24 2021
Ibra and Zapata in penalty spat

Zlatan Ibrahimovic hit back at Duvan Zapata during Milan-Atalanta as the Colombian striker had ironically asked ‘Do you want the 13th penalty?’

La Dea beat the Rossoneri 3-0 at the San Siro on Saturday, but Milan still managed to win the title of ‘Winter champions’ thanks to Inter’s 0-0 draw at Udine.

Atalanta were already three goals up in the second half, when Milan players appealed for a penalty kick.

Maurizio Mariani didn’t awarded the spot kick and Atalanta striker Duvan Zapata was caught by Sky Sport telling Ibrahimovic: ‘Did you want the 13th penalty kick?’

Ibra’s reply came thick and fast: “I’ve scored more goals than you’ve had games played in your career.”

Days before the game, Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini had taunted Milan saying their number of penalties “made the difference” and added “it’s a question of skills and experience is also a quality.”

“It doesn’t concern us, great respect four our refereeing class,” Pioli replied.

“They have always been considered the best in Europe. We will concentrate on the things we can determine.”