Friday February 12 2021
Inzaghi: 'Benevento played to win'

Filippo Inzaghi said Benevento left Bologna ‘reassured’ after the 1-1 draw. ‘Even the changes were made to win, I think we deserved it’.

Benevento went for the win when Inzaghi returned to the Renato Dall’Ara and the former Bologna coach felt his men were close to claiming all the spoils.

“There’s a bit of regret, even the changes were made to win,” Inzaghi said at a post-match press conference.

“We hoped and I think we also deserved it, but we played against a great team. However, we leave the match reassured and the words of the President in the dressing room made me very happy.”

But the coach sees room for improvement at the Streghe.

“Surely, a situation like the one when we conceded the right after the start must not repeat itself,” he said. “But in general, the team did well.

“We have built a lot and for a newly promoted side on this pitch, it’s very good.”

The Rossoblu coach Sinisa Mihajlovic was ‘angry’ after the match, but Inzaghi had a different feeling.

“I wanted a game of conviction and desire and I think we came here today and we did well.

“I’m sure that if we keep this spirit, we can play against everyone, even if the championship is difficult.”