Sunday February 14 2021
Gotti explains Pedro's joke

Luca Gotti says Roma played a great first half and reveals what Pedro told him after the game.

Udinese saw their four-game unbeaten streak ended with a 3-0 defeat against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico.

“First of all, I must admit Roma played a great first half,” Gotti told DAZN.

“They have great players and we conceded a goal after four minutes, losing our balance. We were unbalanced every time we tried to attack, it was the leitmotiv of the match and the penalty gave tranquilly to Roma,” he continued.

“During the break, we tried to understand why we allowed so many goal opportunities and why were so unbalanced and vulnerable.

“The second half was different, we were different as we tried to bounce back and score the equaliser, we wanted to press high up the pitch.”

The Friulani were without the injured Roberto Pereyra.

“He is an important player for us, not only for his quality, but also for the interpretation of the game, he has a sensibility that makes him a special footballer.

“However, we have a lot of quality in the middle of the park today, but we were unable to stop their transitions.”

Pedro joked with the Udinese coach at the end of the game. Gotti was one of Maurizio Sarri’s assistants at Chelsea when the Spaniard was a Blue.

“Before the game I told him: ‘You have a Europa League game on Thursday, just focus on that’,” Gotti revealed.

“He replied: ‘Come on, let me just play five minutes.’ He came off the bench and scored one goal. At the end of the game he joked with me about that."