Sunday February 14 2021
Bonaventura: ‘Disappointed Fiorentina’

Giacomo Bonaventura believes Fiorentina deserved more against Sampdoria and wishes the best to Milan.

The Italian midfielder commented on La Viola’s 2-1 defeat away at Sampdoria.

“We created a lot without conceding much, we must reflect on it for the next games,” the 31-year-old told Sky Sport Italia.

“We must believe in what we are doing, we deserved more and we are disappointed. The result was negative, but we played a good game,” he insisted.

Franck Ribery was out of action with an injury. What do Fiorentina lack of without him?

“A little bit of ball possession and control of the game even if we managed to be dangerous today. Much more than them. Franck is very important for us, but those who played did it well.”

Milan lost 2-0 away at Spezia last night, does Bonaventura think they can win the Scudetto?

“They are doing well, I gave everything while I was at the club and I have no regrets. I don’t want to think about the past, I wish them all the best and if they collected all these points, it means they can challenge for the title until the end."