Tuesday February 16 2021
Mancini: 'Italy always had the players'

Italy CT Roberto Mancini said the Azzurri ‘never lacked important players’ and claimed he only gave ‘them confidence and a chance to play’.

The former Fiorentina, Lazio and Inter coach has kickstarted the Italian national team and after the perfect qualifiers for Euro 2020, he has confirmed he will oversee the next two major championships.

“We are pleased that the national team is once again important for the Italian fans,” Mancini told LabTV. “They had moved away a little and we are even more pleased that this team are able to express good football.

“We managed to put together a good group, also looking for the slightly younger players but giving them a chance to play for the national team.

“We were able to immediately find a good structure.”

Mancini stressed that the players have always been there, all he did was to give them ‘a chance’ to shine.

“It Italy, we have never lacked the players, maybe in some roles in some periods you can have more or less options,” he said. “But the important players have always been there.

“You just had to give them a chance. The Italian lads are good, you just had to give them confidence and a chance to play."