Tuesday February 16 2021
Lazio deferred for COVID breach

Lazio have officially been deferred to the disciplinary commission for breaking the COVID-19 protocols by not alerting the local authorities to positive tests or following the guidance.

The investigation was started in late October 2020 when several players tested positive with UEFA for the Champions League games, but not for Serie A.

This prompted a deeper look into the practices of the laboratory Lazio were using for their Serie A tests, which was in Salerno rather than Rome.

Lazio argued it was the laboratory that made any mistakes and also that it was the responsibility of the lab to tell the local health authority (ASL) about the positive test results.

However, Lazio, President Claudio Lotito, medical staff Ivo Pulcini and Fabio Rodia have all been deferred to the FIGC disciplinary commission for violating the COVID-19 protocol.

They are considered directly responsible for the incidents, which occurred on October 27 and November 3.

Lazio are accused of ‘not communicating to the competent ASL the positivity of players, nor agreeing to the quarantine of close associates who were at the time negative.’

Particularly, Ciro Immobile was played in Torino-Lazio on November 1, 2020 and again with Juventus a few days later, when he should’ve been isolated for 10 days.

There are various potential outcomes from the investigation, including the potential Lazio could be docked points or given automatic defeats against both Torino and Juventus.