Tuesday February 16 2021
Agnelli on Conte 'gesture of affection'

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli joked that Inter coach Antonio Conte flipping him the middle finger was ‘a gesture of affection.’

The pair clashed during and after the Coppa Italia semi-final in Turin last week, which saw the Bianconeri go through to set up an appointment with Atalanta.

“Every now and then the passion of our work makes us go over the line of good manners,” Agnelli told comedy show Striscia La Notizia.

They presented him with the Golden Tapir award, given every week to someone who has been in the news for a story that left them downhearted.

The show had also tried to present Conte with the same award, but he refused to meet with them.

Agnelli tried to laugh off the incident and assured his “collaboration with Conte ended well. Those were gestures of affection…”