Thursday February 18 2021
Capello: 'Juve's lack of focus is unacceptable'

Fabio Capello slammed Juventus for 'lack of concentration' against Porto, whilst Antonio Cassano pointed at a ‘selfish’ Cristiano Ronaldo as part of the problem.

Federico Chiesa’s late goal gave Juventus some hope after a dismal 2-1 defeat to the Portuguese giants and the pundits slammed the Bianconeri for not being focused enough against a strong opponent in the last 16 of the Champions League.

“Entering the pitch without concentration is unacceptable, there was too much superficiality,” Capello told Sky Sport Italia after the match.

“Bentancur made a huge mistake in the first half and in the second half, eight defenders were not alert against three Porto players.

“This can’t happen.”

Del Piero added that Juventus ‘lacked ideas’ going forward and said Alvaro Morata’s absence was obvious.

“Juventus lacked ideas, [Federico] Chiesa and [Dejan] Kulusevski came too deep to get the ball,” Del Piero said to Sky Sport Italia.

“The player who does what Morata does was missing, and it became clear when he entered. We must underline that Porto played their game, as it immediately went well for them.”

Former Italy international Antonio Cassano slammed Portuguese talisman Cristiano Ronaldo’s appearance on Wednesday, saying the striker doesn’t fit with Andrea Pirlo’s ideas.

“I have always said, considering that he’s a phenomenon and has scored a billion goals, that it could be difficult with Andrea Pirlo’s idea of football,” Cassano told Bobo TV.

“He scores a goal per game, it’s true, but struggles with the ideas of Andrea. He has always been a bit selfish, he doesn’t care about others scoring goals, he’s the kind of player who lives to score.

“He doesn’t live for the play, the great match, he lives for the goal and at this moment, the situation is getting worse.

“Years go by for everyone and he is having difficulties. Juventus are trying to change their ideas and play a different type of football, due to the qualities of Ronaldo.”