Friday February 19 2021
Brother reveals why Kean left Juventus

Moise Kean’s brother Giovanni reveals why the PSG striker left Juventus in 2019 and insists leaving Italy was ‘good for him.’

Kean joined Everton from Juventus in a €30m deal in the summer of 2019 before moving to PSG on loan back in October.

“I think it was useful for him to move abroad, he’s more mature as a person and as a footballer,” his brother Giovanni told Radio Bianconera.

“It’s never easy to move abroad, changing his lifestyle may have been the most difficult thing for him, but he has no problems to settle in and get along with other people.

Why did he leave Juventus?

“I don’t think Juventus wanted to sell him, it wasn’t about money. I think it was a choice made by the coach, if [Massimiliano] Allegri would have stayed, Moise would have stayed.

“Juventus are one of the best clubs in Europe and there is a lot of competition. Players like [Alvaro] Morata, Cristiano Ronaldo and [Paulo] Dybala.

“However, there are big stars in the PSG attack too. [Mauro] Icardi is a top striker, one of the best, but he’s played less than Moise. If one is strong, he can play everywhere.”

What did Moise tell him after PSG’s win over Barcelona on Tuesday?

“He told me that playing against [Leo] Messi was a dream come true. They shook hands with each other, I’ve never seen my brother with so much self-confidence. It seemed he had already played many of these games in his career.”