Friday February 19 2021
Miha cleared the air with the offended Bologna fans

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic cleared the air when he went face-to-face with the fans after his comments about the people blocking the team bus.

It all ended in a jovial atmosphere, despite the initial tension, as the Serbian coach cleared the air with the Bologna ultras.

Corriere di Bologna reported that a video was released from the Rossoblu bus arriving at the Renato Dall’Ara before the match against Benevento, and how it was clear Mihajlovic's voice was heard mocking the fans.

He spoke about old age and tattooed faces in the video and the coach decided to meet with the ultras to clear the air after the controversial video went viral.

“The fans expressed what they wanted to clarify,” Mihajlovic. Then I spoke, even though I never expected to have to clarify something with the Bologna fans, since there’s great mutual respect.

“We discussed what had bothered both of us, for example that banner that spoke of a bus of beggars, it bothered me.

“In life, I have made mistakes several times, but I have always had the humility to apologise when I realised I was wrong, but this was not the case.

“I asked if any of them had ever gotten on a team bus before a game. As for what I said… well, I made a joke about the tattooed face because it amused me, but I didn’t say ‘that bum’.

“Everyone is free to live their passion as they want to, so I also joked about age but because usually young people block a bus; and when I said it looked like we were winning the championship, it was a compliment, not a mockery.”