Friday February 19 2021
Nicola: 'Three fundamental points'

Torino coach Davide Nicola was ‘happy’ with the first three-pointer on Friday, but immediately pointed at the ‘long way’ left to reach the target of salvation.

The Granata picked up their first win since Nicola took over, as Bremer’s header secured a 1-0 win over Cagliari.

Torino managed to hold onto the lead and return to Turin with three vital points and thus a five point gap down to the relegation zone.

“We managed to get the three points,” he said. “I’m happy for the lads and for what they are giving.

“But also for the club, everyone who are giving their all. I didn’t mind the game, we managed to keep a high centre of gravity in the first part of the first half.

“Then, thanks to their quality, we adopted a different strategy and channelled our energy.

“In my experience, the mission is to be able to keep balance, the championship is not over and we must go a long way.

“You can also lose these games, we are looking for dialogue and balance.”

Nicola was asked about what has changed since he took over in Turin but he stressed that he didn’t look at the past.

“I don’t care about the past, I didn’t focus on the previous work,” he said. “I’m pleased to see the awareness of the lads, we always had to recover.

“Today, we managed to bring home three fundamental points. We can improve, everything can’t come straight away.”

And he said they are still working on increasing the quality to save their place in Serie A.

“I agree, we are working on that,” Nicola continued. “The mental aspect affects, the stakes were clear for everyone involved.

“We have to play other games on this mental level and raise the quality of the game.

“We are not always clean in the construction, then in the second period of the first half we stopped playing, this made us lose some certainty.

“But we managed better in the second half and we are working on this aspect.”

The reporter asked if he could give Nicola some of the merit for the unbeaten run.

“It’s not false modesty, everyone has merits,” he said. “There are many components involved, today we scored form a corner kick after my collaborator insisted on it for a week.

“It’s not fair to give a single credit when it’s the group, there is no need to idolise or exalt someone. I’m personally satisfied and above all for my lads.

“In the end, a group works because everyone does their part to the fullest. I’m satisfied with the points obtained, I see the emotional state they are in.

“You can look for continuity, this is a particular, open championship. We must prepare for every single match, things can always change.”