Sunday February 21 2021
Handanovic: 'Inter change started with Spalletti'

Samir Handanovic maintains Inter ‘started to change with Luciano Spalletti’s arrival, then Antonio Conte,’ as they’ve been building towards this Milan Derby triumph.

It ended 3-0, but at the dawn of the second half when still only 1-0, Handanovic had to make three astonishing reaction saves on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sandro Tonali.

The veteran was asked which one represented the toughest save of the afternoon.

“Nothing is easy for a goalkeeper, and if you go into a save thinking it is easy, then you are in trouble. The next one is always the most difficult,” Handanovic told DAZN.

“There are many components that make us a team and they are not just related to football. We’ve seen steps forward in so many areas, like the way we communicate on the field, which didn’t used to happen.”

Antonio Conte has taken Inter to the top of the table in the second half of the season for the first time since 2010, but Handanovic looks to the past as well.

“I think Inter started to change with Luciano Spalletti’s arrival, then Antonio Conte. The work adds up, you build the foundations and then add new elements to that.

“It takes years, it takes many games you get wrong, many happy days. It all adds up.”