Monday February 22 2021
Berti taunts Ibra after Inter derby win

Former Inter midfielder Nicola Berti taunted Zlatan Ibrahimovic after the Nerazzurri’s win in the Milan derby: ‘Did he leave the pitch early to do a rehearsal for Sanremo?’

Ibrahimovic was replaced by Rafael Leao after 75 minutes with Inter who were already three goals up.

The Swede will be participating in all five nights of the prestigious Sanremo music festival starting on March 2 and Berti provoked the Milan star.

“It wasn’t an easy game for Inter, we suffered for 10 or 15 minutes, but it’s impossible to win a derby without suffering. I didn’t expect Inter to be so much superior.

“Talking about that, why did Ibra leave the pitch early? Was it to do a rehearsal for Sanremo?”

Pioli explained after the game the real reason why Ibra was replaced.

“He asked to be substituted because he had had a cramp," the coach claimed.

Fabio Capello is among those who have criticised Ibra for his decision to take part in the festival.