Monday February 22 2021
Ramsey: 'Juve needed three points'

Aaron Ramsey said Juventus ‘needed the three points’ against Crotone. ‘It was important given the other results from the weekend’.

The Welsh midfielder returned from injury in the 3-0 win over Crotone on Monday night and assisted Cristiano Ronaldo’s second goal of the night.

“It was a really important match for us,” Ramsey told JTV. “We needed the three points. It was important to play an attacking match, creating many chances and even finish without conceding.

“It was important to get back to winning. In the Champions League we were very unhappy with the result and therefore we are happy to have achieved this win.

“It was also important given the other results from the weekend.”

Ramsey was happy with the ‘more central’ position in the game against Crotone and believes it helped him ‘find more space’.

“I played a little more central on the pitch tonight,” he said. “We tried to play with short passes and then vertically.

“This is the best position for me, I think, especially when I can find more space even in the right area to be decisive.”