Tuesday February 23 2021
Signori cleared of match-fixing after a decade

Lazio legend Beppe Signori has seen his legal nightmare come to an end, as after 10 long years of investigations, he was found innocent of match-fixing.

The retired striker had been accused of helping to ‘fix’ the game between Piacenza and Padova in October 2010.

He had always denied the allegations and he was fully vindicated today when the trial finally reached a conclusion.

As it had been over 10 years since the match in question, Signori could’ve just allowed the statute of limitations to expire.

Instead, he was so determined to prove his innocence that he waived that right and insisted on a trial.

The verdict was innocent, and not just due to ‘lack of evidence,’ which can be an outcome in the Italian justice system.

“I am repaid in some way, as partial justice has been served,” said Signori. “It’s only partial, because nobody can give back these years.

“I did all this to be rehabilitated on a sporting level. It is the first victory and I hope more will come.”