Wednesday February 24 2021
Lazio risk defeat and docked points

Lazio risk a points penalty and losing games by default if found guilty of hiding positive COVID tests from the local authorities.

An investigation was launched when it emerged positive or at best inconclusive tests were not passed on to the ASL (local health authority), so players were allowed to take part in games, violating the COVID health protocol agreed by Serie A clubs.

In most cases, clubs are considered mere accessories to the illegal conduct, but in this case Lazio, President Claudio Lotito and their medical staff are accused of being directly responsible for violating the protocol.

That means they risk a massive fine, but even having points docked and seeing the results overturned for automatic defeats against Torino and Juventus.

These were the games that saw players take part when they should’ve been isolating.

There is even the very unlikely prospect of automatic relegation if they are found to have been systematically hiding positive COVID results.

The hearing will be held on March 16 and a verdict expected later that evening.

It is the day before Lazio’s Champions League trip to Bayern Munich, having lost the first leg 4-1.