Wednesday February 24 2021
Morata fainting spell caused by virus?

According to reports in Italy, Juventus striker Alvaro Morata’s recent poor form and fainting spells were caused by cytomegalovirus. maintain this illness is at the core of the Spaniard’s visible dip in form and the incident that coach Andrea Pirlo confirmed caused him to feel faint in the dressing room after the Porto match.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is related to the herpes virus that causes chickenpox and is a very common virus that is usually harmless.

There can be flu-like symptoms when it is first contracted, but the immune system tends to get it under control within three weeks.

The symptoms can include aching muscles, fatigue and a sore throat.

It generally only causes real problems for babies or people who have a weakened immune system.

Morata would ideally be allowed to rest and recuperate, but with Paulo Dybala out thanks to a knee injury, he hasn’t many options.