Wednesday February 24 2021
Capello: 'Inexplicable Freuler red card!'

Fabio Capello found it ‘inexplicable’ that Remo Freuler was sent off for Atalanta against Real Madrid. ‘I am starting to get doubts…’

The midfielder was shown a straight red card just 17 minutes into the Champions League Round of 16 tie in Bergamo for a foul on Mendy.

It was just outside the area and considered a clear scoring opportunity, although a yellow card would probably have been sufficient.

“It’s disappointing, because he was not last man and the player was going wide anyway. A yellow card is fine, but giving a red card for that is inexplicable. You are ruining the game like that,” Capello told Sky Sport Italia.

“I am starting to get doubts, as yesterday Lazio had a penalty not given against Bayern Munich as well.

“However, Atalanta are still putting in a very strong performance and are continuing to move the ball well.”

Juventus also had penalty appeals for a dubious challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo in their 2-1 defeat to Porto.