Thursday February 25 2021
Marchisio ready to enter politics

Former Juventus and Italy midfielder Claudio Marchisio reveals he is ‘ready’ to enter into the world of politics. ‘I’d be the first to step up if needed.’

It would not be too surprising for Marchisio, who has regularly stood up for his beliefs on social media, above all protesting at the poor treatment of immigrants and the need to help rescue those who cross the Mediterranean in makeshift boats.

“I do like politics, I talk about it with friends at dinner or at home,” confessed Marchisio during a press conference for a skin treatment centre that he is a shareholder in.

“I need to learn and it’s only right that I make my journey outside the world of sport. I’d be the first to step up and say yes if I was needed in Piedmont and Turin.”

Marchisio certainly wouldn’t be the first former player to go into politics, as Gianni Rivera spent a long time in the Italian Senate.

Most famously, George Weah went on to become the President of Liberia, while ex-Milan defender Kakha Kaladze is the Mayor of Tbilisi and former Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia.