Friday February 26 2021
Miha: 'Lazio might have lost some certainty'

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic says Lazio might have ‘lost some certainty’ after the 4-1 defeat to Bayern Munich and aims to ‘impose our mentality’.

The Rossoblu are unbeaten in three game but come from back-to-back 1-1 draws with Benevento and Sassuolo.

Mihajlovic expects a tough game against his former club, but pointed at a good first leg last year.

“Everyone will play their own game, we won’t change our mentality and I don’t think they will either,” Mihajlovic said at a press conference.

“It will be an open game, let’s see what happens.

“In the first leg we lost with more ball possession in their half, we shot more than them, created more chances than them: but we lost.

“We have to try to do the same again. As I see it, when you concede four goals against Bayern, some disruption might remain, even if they lost to a top team.

“Maybe you can lose some certainty. We need to impose our mentality without giving them courage.

“They are physical, technical, compact, they have everything.

“If we play as we know, however, who knows what can happen. All the games start at 0-0.”

Mihajlovic also spoke about the closed stadiums in Italy and believes ‘it’s no different’ from eating out when restaurants reopen.

But he claimed it ‘won’t be easy’ for the players to re-adapt to full stadiums.

“When the restaurants reopen, people go out to eat,” he said. “It’s no different, in my opinion.

“When you are used to a certain kind of life and they take it away from you, I think we enjoy coming back when it reopens.

“I think it could be the same for the stadium, indeed maybe there will be even more people. We will have to see how the players react, at first it could be trauma to find the stadium full, it won’t be easy.

“It will be the same effect as when we found ourselves playing without them."