Saturday February 27 2021
Cassano predicts bright future for Man City and United starlets

Antonio Cassano predicts a bright future for Manchester City and United starlets and blames the Italian system: ‘We don’t believe in youths’

“The quality of Italian football is not high,” he told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“Best players used to come to Italy until 2010, now we only welcome mediocre players or great old. Juventus and Inter are the only club that can sign some interesting youths.

“It’s been a few years that at least seven players score more than 20 goals per season. Ronaldo, the Phenomenon, reached 25 in his best campaign. It’s a joke, come on.

“Everyone can score. Defences are ridiculous and we are punished when we go abroad.

“Roberto Baggio had the right idea: we must invest in the youth sectors. Germany and England stole the idea, and they are doing it instead.

“Sancho is so strong, Haaland too, he was getting regular game time in Salzburg. Did you see Musiala against Lazio or Foden? And believe me, keep an eye on Stevanovic and Diallo, from Manchester City and United.

“Young players are given opportunities abroad, in Italy we think about building up from the back.

“Everyone’s looking at Guardiola, but Pep has evolved. Cancelo starts as a right-back but plays a centre midfielder.

“He was building up from the back at Barcelona because he could do it. He had Piqué, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta. It was so difficult to take the ball off their feet.”