Sunday February 28 2021
Official: Suning dissolve Jiangsu teams

Inter owners Suning have officially dissolved the teams of Jiangsu 'at all levels' due to 'various uncontrollable elements.'

Jiangsu won their first Chinese Super League only 108 days ago, but Jiangsu failed to meet the registration deadline for the 2021 season and had, therefore, dissolved the teams.

"Due to the overlapping of various uncontrollable elements, we have to announce with great regret that Jiangsu will cease operation of teams at all levels while continuing to seek, in a wider scope, interested parties for the future development of the club," Suning announced on Weibo.

Suning's owner Zhang Jindong claimed last week the company would "cut down our business irrelevant to retail business without hesitation."

Earlier this week, Suning confirmed the support of Inter "with or without additional external help" but added that "it is also sensible and prudent to look outside.”