Monday March 1 2021
Adani: 'Bartomeu should be expelled from Spain'

Former Serie A defender Daniele Adani says Josep Maria Bartomeu should be expelled from Spain: 'He can't be forgiven.'

The former Barcelona President was arrested today on the basis of unfair administration, corruption between individuals and money laundering, according to reports.

However, former Fiorentina and Inter defender Lele Adani judged Bartomeu for how he managed Barcelona and especially how he treated Leo Messi and Gerard Piqué.

"In life, you can pay a high price if you act in a certain way. At a footballing level, Barcelona have made some real disasters in the last 4-5 years," Adani told Bobo TV on Twitch where he discusses football-related issues with Bobo Vieri, Antonio Cassano and Nicola Ventola.

"Barcelona kept buying players and players, filling up with debts and discrediting the likes of Messi and Piqué. You sow wind, you reap the whirlwind," he continued.

"Justice takes its course, fortunately, a little earlier than in Italy.

"If it’s true that Bartomeu used social media to discredit Messi and Piqué, he should be expelled from Spain.

"There is no forgiveness for him. He trampled an entire people".