Tuesday March 2 2021
Gravina: 'Objectively impossible to play Lazio-Torino'

The FIGC President Gabriele Gravina spoke about Lazio-Torino and said ‘we will only get out of this situation by following the protocol’.

The match between the Aquile and the Granata, scheduled for today, will not be postponed but will not even be played.

The local health authorities has blocked Torino from travelling to the capital but the Lega Serie A has not postponed the game.

“We will only get out of this situation by following the protocol,” Gravina said, according to Tuttomercatoweb.

“It’s a fixed and very clear gentleman agreement that regulates the relationship linked to sporting competitions.

“Then, there’s another principle, that of health protection, which is the responsibility of the individual local health authorities. I don’t give advice to the Lega, it has the capacity and delegation to manage the sporting competition.

“They will make the right decision. I believe that today, there’s an objective impossibility to play the match based on the requirements of the ASL.

“The League will have to make a very thorough reflection, thinking about the calendar, since it’s particularly clogged.”