Tuesday March 2 2021
Cairo: 'You can't ignore reality'

Torino President Urbano Cairo promises they’ll ‘seek every possible appeal’ if they are given an automatic defeat to Lazio. ‘You can’t ignore reality.’

The game was meant to kick off at 17.30 GMT at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, but the Granata have not travelled because the local health authority (ASL) ordered them to isolate following circa 10 COVID cases between squad and staff.

The Lega Serie A met today to discuss the situation and decided it would not postpone the match.

“You cannot defend the league and its integrity by ignoring objective reality, a reality that says we cannot move, nor leave the city,” Cairo told LaPresse news agency.

“It’s all so logical that one plus one is two, instead here in order to reach two, they are going through a thousand steps.

“The only logical consequence was to postpone the match. Now we await the decision of the sporting justice system.

“Obviously, we will seek every possible avenue to appeal.”

Torino already had one match postponed due to this outbreak, on Friday against Sassuolo, which has been rescheduled for March 17.

That used up their only ‘free pass’ predicted by the Serie A COVID protocol.

Had the next fixture been at the weekend, they might’ve had time to get a squad ready, but with a midweek round, it was simply impossible to break the ASL-imposed quarantine and travel to Rome.