Tuesday March 2 2021
Official: Lazio v Torino abandoned

It is now official that Lazio v Torino has been abandoned, as the referee had to wait 45 minutes for confirmation.

You can read a recap of what exactly is going on in this fixture here.

The game was meant to kick off at 17.30 GMT, but Torino were banned from travelling to Rome, as they are under a quarantine order from the Turin ASL (local health authority) until midnight tonight.

Nonetheless, the Lega Serie A refused to postpone the game, insisting Torino had already used up their ‘bonus’ with Friday’s match against Sassuolo.

For 45 minutes, Lazio and the refereeing team waited at the Stadio Olimpico, twiddling their thumbs and in the case of Marco Parolo literally dancing to music in the arena, while messing around with abandoned television cameras.

The Serie A protocol for dealing with COVID cases is again under the spotlight and was already severely damaged by the Napoli appeal to the CONI, which confirmed the ASL has the authority to over-rule the protocol.

That case was much less clear-cut than this one, so if Torino are given an automatic 3-0 defeat and docked a point, they will appeal and have an excellent chance of turning it around.

If they manage that fairly quickly, April 7 is a likely date to replay this fixture.