Wednesday March 3 2021
Torino not handed 3-0 defeat?

Torino may not be handed a 3-0 loss by default as the Sporting Judge could rule the Lazio game was abandoned for reasons of force majeure.

The Granata have eight players positive for COVID and didn’t travel to Rome to face Lazio yesterday.

The Turin ASL had ordered the team into quarantine until Tuesday midnight and the order was made several days ago.

Torino hadn’t even played the previous game against Sassuolo.

Still, Lega Serie A decided not to postpone the Lazio clash to stick to the protocol that states a game can go ahead if each team has 13 players available, including one goalkeeper.

Lazio showed up at the Olimpico with a line-up, but the game was abandoned after 45 minutes as Torino could not travel from North.

There are now two possible scenarios on the horizon: Lazio can be handed a 3-0 win by default, but Torino can appeal the decision and eventually manage to rescheduled the game as it happened with the Juventus-Napoli ruling back in December.

In that case, there had been some confusion over precisely what the ASL was imposing. In Torino’s case, the ASL order was made last week.

For this reason, according to several reports in Italy, the Sporting Judge could decide not to give Torino a 3-0 defeat and reschedule the game deciding that the Olimpico tie was abandoned for reasons of force majeure.