Saturday March 6 2021
Juric has 'a soft spot' for Milan

Verona coach Ivan Juric is impressed with Milan and has ‘a soft spot’ for Stefano Pioli. ‘If they get lots of penalties, it means they spend time in the opposition area.’

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“I really like Milan, including the way they choose their players, who are dynamic, with good technique and stamina,” said Juric in his press conference.

“I have a soft spot for Stefano Pioli, as he’s someone who you really want to cheer on. I don’t think they’re in poor form, as they beat Roma last week at the Olimpico and drew with Udinese, a team who clam up really well and are tough to beat.

“We’re going to need a perfect performance and we didn’t have that against Benevento. We made errors in that game and managed to avoid being punished for them.”

Milan scraped that draw with Udinese on Wednesday thanks to yet another penalty, but Juric wasn’t taking the bait when asked if he was ‘worried’ by the referee.

“I think Serie A referees are the best in the world and VAR has helped improve the situations a great deal. There are still errors, but much fewer than there were.

“If Milan get lots of penalties, it means they spend a lot of time in the opposition area and are good at taking men on in one-on-one situations. I like Milan, they are an enjoyable team to watch.

“I see an abyss between the top seven teams and the others, also in terms of finances and the choice of players available. There are other teams, like Sassuolo and Fiorentina, who have more economic potential and still can’t get into that group. We are not even close to that level.

“Having said that, I still want the best we can achieve and we’re close to securing safety, after which we can challenge for something special. I want consistency, for the lads not to rest on their laurels, otherwise we will no longer be competitive."