Sunday March 7 2021
Prandelli hits back at Sky questions

Cesare Prandelli looked irritable when Sky Sport journalists told him Rocco Commisso is angry: ‘How do you know? Did you speak to him?’

La Viola managed a last-gasp 3-3 draw against Parma at the Artemio Franchi.

“I didn’t talk to Commisso after the game. He always supports the team and Barone made a great speech inside the locker room after the game,” Prandelli told Sky Sport.

“We are united. We must try to recover some players who can help us.”

However, when a Sky Sport journalist insisted Commisso is not happy, Prandelli looked irritable.

“How do you know? Did you speak to him on the phone? If you did so, then it’s ok. Let’s not put more pressure on the team," he said.

“There are not such rumours in Florence, I can guarantee. He was unhappy with certain games, but everybody feels the same. Angry means something else.

"It’s not correct to throw these rumours on the table. If he was angry, he would call me and raise his voice as he does when he is upset," Prandelli added.

“These games are decisive for all the teams, I am more optimistic now than a month ago.

“We conceded one goal on a counterattack. We must be more careful, more optimistic, and more aware of the danger in defence.

“We were missing many players like Castrovilli and Kouame. We didn’t want to sit back, but we had to. Parma took some risks, and when we could, we counterattacked.”