Saturday March 17 2012
Fiorentina: 'Juve cry to sway ref'

Today’s Fiorentina-Juventus is hotting up with general manager Sandro Mencucci accusing Antonio Conte of “crying to influence the referee.”

This has always been a fiery fixture with a bitter rivalry between the clubs, but tonight’s match at the Stadio Franchi is already causing controversy.

“It’s good to fire up this game, but the truth is I am tired of hearing certain talk around the place,” Viola general manager Mencucci told Radio Blu.

“During the week I wanted to remind everyone to keep an even tone and not talk about sobbing or presumed errors against them.

“Don’t forget against Parma we conceded a very soft penalty because of the moaning that the Gialloblu did in the lead-up to that match.

“Hearing yet again on Friday that the Juventus Coach was doing his sack cloth and ashes routine definitely didn’t please me. It’s time to put an end to this.

“It’s not right to start crying in order to influence the referee before either team has even stepped on to the pitch. Besides, Juve are stronger than Fiorentina, so it’s even worse to try to condition the referee the day before.

“We are certain that we’ll take part in a fair game. Motivation for facing Juve isn’t hard to come by, as this is our match. Delio Rossi has also learned how important this fixture is for us.”

The Fiorentina fans have planned a huge choreography before kick-off and many sent out the call to bring wigs to the stadium so they can mock Conte’s hair transplant.

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