Sunday March 18 2012
Fiorentina 'apologise' to fans

Fiorentina President Andrea Della Valle kept the squad behind for hours after their 5-0 defeat to Juventus. “I apologise to the fans. There can be no alibis.”

Around 1,000 Viola supporters gathered outside the Stadio Franchi to chant insults at Della Valle, Coach Delio Rossi and the players following this humiliating loss to their arch rivals.

The team was kept behind for crisis talks and only at 1am did Della Valle emerge to speak with the media.

“I apologise to the city and the fans. There can be no alibis for what happened here. We’ve been in the locker room for hours and the priority is to come together as a club, a squad and a Coach so we can begin again.”

Alessio Cerci saw red for an off the ball kick at Paolo De Ceglie just 21 minutes into the game, making it extremely difficult for his teammates.

“This defeat burns and is without justification. I can only apologise to the supporters. When we had 11 men on the field, at least we created some chances, but now we have to analyse with cool heads and put the situation back on track.

“I also apologise on behalf of those who made individual errors that made it difficult for us to play this game at our best. Now we have to think about Genoa next week.”

There were reports Delio Rossi had either resigned or could be sacked within the next 24 hours.

“The Coach is upset and angry, obviously, just like the players. It’s not easy to play with 10 men against such a strong side.

“Maybe we got something wrong in January. I am not afraid, but rather angry and worried, because I’d be an idiot not to be worried at this stage.

“The lads talked it over and confronted each other for hours, so I am convinced that after this dramatic night something can improve. I don’t know what more I can do other than apologise as President.

“Sunday is a free day which we will all take to consider the situation and evaluate matters. We’ll face Genoa next week, who are in similar conditions. We’ve got to help our team to unite and think about the fans, then other considerations will be made in May.”