Sunday March 18 2012
Sannino: 'Siena battle with Novara'

Giuseppe Sannino tells Siena it will be “a real battle” against Novara in today’s relegation dogfight.

“I don’t even want to say anything to my players. I’d just like us all to look each other in the eyes and understand the importance of this moment,” said the Coach.

“Any given Sunday we are here defending our play, explaining that we must never give in and repeating we cannot afford to lose concentration. Then we step on to the field and words count for nothing.

“We will hear the mocking chants of the opposing fans and see two teams fighting not to fall at the feet of their rivals.

“It is a difficult game and a real battle, because Novara won last week and that gave them hope again. It was a breath of fresh air they needed to stay alive.

“Now Novara believe in safety and so do we. Every time I have faced Novara in my career it has always been a hard-fought and very physical encounter.”

The season is over for Emanuele Calaiò after he fractured his shin, joining the injured Francesco Bolzoni, Gaetano D’Agostino and Matteo Contini.

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