Friday March 19 2021
‘Italy inspires Pogba’, Italian media praise Man Utd star

Italian sports papers praised Paul Pogba after his goal against Milan: ‘Italy inspires him’, wrote La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The former Juventus midfielder came off the bench at the beginning of the second half against Milan and scored the winner for the Red Devils, allowing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side to qualify for the Europa League quarter-finals.

He was named MOTM by each of the Italian sports papers.

“He scored three minutes after entering the pitch. Italy must inspire him,” wrote La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“His goal is a masterclass of technique and cold blood. Then he began his show.

“He played with the freshness of his talent, showing his best skills: ideas, vision, strength, stamina. He hadn’t played a game since February 6, but 40 days later, he returned as the main protagonist.”

The paper rated Pogba 8/10.

Tuttosport and Il Corriere dello Sport also praised the Frenchman and rated him 7/10 and 7.5/10, respectively.

"He played as a left winger and he did it so well, it's still him, it's still Pogba," wrote Il Corriere dello Sport.