Friday March 26 2021
Andreazzoli: ‘Handanovic a great midfielder’

Aurelio Andreazzoli ensures Ionut Radu can replace Samir Handanovic and believes the Slovenian could even play in midfield.

Radu could start against Bologna after the break if Handanovic doesn’t recover from COVID. Andreazzoli coached the Romanian goalkeeper at Genoa

“He loves his job, he is willing to sacrifice, and he follows who helps him grow,” Andreazzoli told Tuttosport.

“Now he can work with a master such as Inter goalkeepers’ coach Bonaiuti. He has everything to show those qualities that he proved to have at Genoa.

“Radu is very good with his feet. I was pretty satisfied with his path at Genoa. I imagine he has even improved with Handanovic and Bonaiuti

“Handanovic is one of the best goalkeepers. I met him when he was at Udinese,” the coach continued.

“He has a great personality. He is one of the best midfielders in Serie A.

“I said midfielder on purpose. I coached many players with excellent technical skills, but some understood nothing about the game or didn’t have the personality to play.

“It’s not only about the technique, but also being able to follow what happens on the pitch and meet the demands inside the box.”