Saturday March 27 2021
Ascoli coach fined for 12 blasphemous phrases

There continues to be confusion over the treatment of blasphemy, after Ascoli coach Andrea Sottil was only fined for 12 blasphemous phrases in one game.

In the Italian language, blasphemy is considered the worst form of swearing, so coaches and players have been punished with bans when caught on camera.

However, there is very little consistency in how the incidents are treated.

While some are banned, others can only receive fines, while Crotone coach Serse Cosmi complained that it is a “secular society” and shouldn’t be punished at all.

The debate on exactly how this is penalised has flared up again after Ascoli coach Andrea Sottil – father of Cagliari winger Riccardo – was caught using 12 blasphemous phrases during a Serie B game against Reggiana on February 14.

It's believed it was largely the same phrase repeated 12 times rather than 12 different versions.

All he received was a fine worth €1,250.

This is because he accepted he was at fault and worked out a plea bargain, but is bound to annoy those who were given a touchline ban or a ban as a player for one utterance.