Sunday March 28 2021
Bojinov: ‘Vlahovic said he was the new Ibra’

Valeri Bojinov reveals he told Fiorentina to sign Dusan Vlahovic: ‘He said he was the new Zlatan Ibrahimovic.’

“I told Corvino to sign Vlahovic when he was 15 or 16,” Bojinov, a former Fiorentina striker, told Transfermarkt.

“Vlahovic was crazy, really crazy. He used to tell me: ‘I am a Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Belgrade, I will play for the strongest clubs.’

“I liked his arrogance. I thought he would become a strong player, while Milenkovic was calmer," the striker added.

Ironically, Vlahovic has been linked with a move to Milan where he could play with Ibrahimovic from next season.

Bojinov, who also played for Lecce and Juventus in Serie A, discussed Cesare Prandelli’s farewell to Fiorentina.

“He is the coach who taught me more along with Zeman. He gave me bits of advice for my career and my private life. I hope he feels well now.

“Every striker who played under him has done great things.”