Sunday March 28 2021
Prandelli: 'Fiorentina players never lacked respect'

Cesare Prandelli insists Fiorentina players never showed a lack of respect to him and claims 'somebody didn't understand' his decision.

Prandelli gave an interview to ANSA after that several reports in Italy suggested a poor relationship with players led to his resignation as Fiorentina coach earlier this week.

Several Whatsapp voice messages circulating in Italy suggest a mental breakdown is not the real reason for his resignation.

"It's been a few days since I made a painful decision, very painful, and I realize that probably someone has not understood the true meaning of my action," Prandelli said.

"Certainly a minority, but not for this less important, is filling social media with wickedness, invented reconstructions of facts that never existed.

"We should stigmatize and not emphasize the small spirit of the so-called 'keyboard haters', but there is a limit and this limit has been exceeded.

"I owe it to my family, the club and above all to my players who never have disrespected me or have had offensive behaviour towards me.

"I appeal to everyone's responsibility, believe in the truth and do not follow those without morality and ethics."