Monday March 19 2012
Zamp: Bertolo was provoked

Maurizio Zamparini will fine Nicolas Bertolo for his sending off but suggests that attention should also be on Gennaro Delvecchio’s role in the pair’s clash.

During Palermo’s 1-1 draw with Lecce, Bertolo head-butted Delvecchio in a first-half off-the-ball coming together, just yards from the referee.

The Argentine winger was instantly sent off, but Zamparini called for the criticism aimed at his player to be matched with something similar towards the Salentini’s Delvecchio.

“Bertolo will be fined €30,000, he must learn from his mistakes,” Zamparini told Radio Radio.

“However, I do not understand why there has been all this attention around him.

“It is true that he was wrong, but why are we not talking about Delvecchio? He was the provocateur and aimed a blow at our player, who then lost his head.

“I must be honest, even I can lose my head and make a mistake if someone hits me.”

It has also been confirmed that Christian Panucci will be arriving at the club to take a mediatory role between the club’s management and its players.

“I chose him because of his experience - his competence and lucidity is shown in his commentary work for Sky.

“Everything took place very quickly, he accepted immediately and will work as Team Manager. Luca Cattani will remain as our transfer market man.”