Monday March 19 2012
Tommasi won't drop winter break

Head of the Italian Players’ Association (AIC) Damiano Tommasi has dismissed the idea that they will discuss with Serie A dropping the winter break.

Since the fixture list disruption that hit the League in light of heavy snow and low temperatures through January and February, an open discussion has existed for ways to avoid the weather having as much of an impact on the sport in future.

The AIC’s board held the final day of its latest meeting today, but Tommasi indicated that officially there has been no movement on the best route forward.

“We have not yet spoken about the calendar because the idea is still to wait for the Lega Calcio, with whom we will meet with soon.

“That will probably be the time to get the necessary elements together to form a better idea.

“However, that of a League that plays even in the winter holidays is a hypothesis that you can read in the newspaper and comment on it is useless.

“When you have too many games and there are periods of the year where it is not conducive to play on the field, due to conditions that endanger the player…I’m talking about protecting the winter break, which is still observed in other parts of the world, such as Germany.

“In any case, the many games are proving that players are going all out to play and taking a lot of risks. It’s the case with [Gabriel] Batistuta.”

The former Fiorentina striker, now in his early 40s, recently admitted that he can no longer play the sport, as a consequence to the damage done to his knees during his days as a professional.

“If we think of increasing the number of games played at night and also limit the assumption of so many played in the winter, that is possibly a solution.

“The League could begin even before August. It may not be the solution to all problems, but it can be a solution.

“Although we understand that there are parties who are not particularly enthusiastic to follow this route.”