Thursday April 1 2021
Torino could sue Lazio’s lawyer

Urbano Cairo says Torino could sue Lazio’s lawyer Gian Michele Gentile, who said the decision to rescheduled the game between the Granata and the Biancocelesti is a ‘fraud.’

“We will consider whether to sue the lawyer Gentile for what he said,” Cairo told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Lazio-Torino had been postponed in March after a COVID outbreak with the English variant had hit the Granata.

The local health authority (ASL) ordered Torino to go into complete lockdown for five days, not even allowed to train, let alone travel for a match in Rome.

That order ran until midnight on the day of the game, making it effectively impossible for Torino to play.

Nonetheless, the sentence from the Court of Appeal made very clear the only reason it upheld the ruling that the game must go ahead and be rescheduled was because Napoli set a precedent with their case on the Juventus fixture.

“There is no doubt Torino profited from the ASL’s order, which was only made on request from the Granata,” the Court of Appeal noted.

“The club behaved with a sort of ‘sneakiness’ that is not, in any way, in line with the principles of fairness and probity that must be at the centre of any game.”

Gentile commented saying: “this clearly ascertains there was a form of fraud operated against Lazio, but the sporting justice system cannot act because of the ASL.”

The Federal Prosecutor opened an investigation into Torino’s conduct, but Cairo doesn’t seem worried.

“It’s a due act, but I am happy with it. Like that, it will be possible to prove Torino behaved correctly.”