Thursday April 1 2021
Napoli await Zielinski COVID verdict

Napoli are anxiously awaiting news from Piotr Zielinski’s blood tests, as he tested first positive and then negative for COVID after international duty with Poland.

There was an outbreak of Coronavirus inside the Poland camp, hitting among others Bologna goalkeeper Lukasz Skorupski.

Considering Zielinski was Skorupski’s roommate at the training camp, this raised concerns that the Napoli midfielder could become infected.

The other issue is that Zielinski already had COVID-19 in October, which was why the trip to Turin for the Juventus match did not go ahead.

According to the latest reports including the Gazzetta dello Sport and Napolista, Zielinski tested positive for COVID-19 with a swab when he arrived at the Capodichino Airport in Naples this afternoon.

However, he then went to his home and had another rapid response test, which came back negative.

The club medic took another more precise swab and a blood test, the results of which will be known tomorrow morning.

It is hoped that since Zielinski already had COVID, this will be a false positive test, where there is some presence of the virus, but not enough to make him ill or contagious.

It is possible to contract COVID again if the antibodies have dissipated over time, so as Zielinski had it six months ago, he would be right at the limit of counting on those as protection.