Tuesday March 20 2012
Falcao pushes Neymar to Europe

Based on his own experience playing in Italy, Paulo Roberto Falcao has advised Brazilian prodigy Neymar to move to Europe this summer.

Falcao moved to Roma in 1980 at the age of 26 and spent five years in the Italian capital. During his spell he rose to a prominent position within the famous Brazilian national team of the early 1980s.

20-year-old Neymar is thought to be a target of both Barcelona and Real Madrid this summer, but he has also been linked with Serie A. Falcao sees any potential move to Europe as only beneficial.

“It was decided that he did not leave before the Copa America,” Falcao reflected when talking about Neymar on SporTV.

“I think Europe has a capacity, a tactical culture that we do not yet have here [in Brazil].

“It gives you an understanding of the game…I do not know for sure, but for the experience and the culture, speaking from a footballing angle, it would be an advance.

“The national team would do better because he would have a different makeup, he’d grow in a way that would help a lot.”