Tuesday March 20 2012
Cesena chief blasts players

Igor Campedelli has blasted his Cesena squad for showing “no motivation or soul” as the club slides towards relegation.

“I tried every way possible to transmit my love for Cesena to this team, but changing three Coaches and technical staff did not give the shake-up I was looking for,” the President told Tuttosport.

“I am disappointed, especially in the old guard, because I see an empty team that has no soul. You can get relegated, but not like this!

“From now on the only players I want to see on the field are those who have real motivation and can put them into a match situation.

“I know refereeing performances haven’t been great recently, but it mustn’t be an alibi. Our problems are elsewhere and I hope from now until the end of the season someone will try to change my mind.”