Tuesday April 6 2021
'Don't rule out' Allegri Juve return

Giovanni Galeone is one of Max Allegri’s best friends and reveals ‘he is certain that he’ll be back at work in June. I wouldn’t rule out a return to Juventus,’ along with Roma reports. claim that the coach has given his availability to Rome for next season, while Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has not denied a meeting with Allegri.

La Gazzetta dello Sport therefore went to a good source of information, Allegri’s mentor and friend Galeone.

“I spoke to him a couple of days ago and he is certain that he’ll be back at work in June, so that means he’s got something in his hands.

“I don’t ask him what that is and I don’t want him to tell me, but I can confirm he sounded very confident.”

Could there be a return to Juventus after the encounter with Agnelli and the difficulties of current coach Andrea Pirlo?

“He gets along very well with Agnelli and they spoke several times last year too. They have not completely abandoned each other.

“I don’t know if his return to Juve is possible or at what conditions, but I wouldn’t rule it out.”