Sunday April 11 2021
Costacurta slams Donnarumma over contract extension

Milan legend Alessandro Costacurta is annoyed by Gigio Donnarumma’s attitude: ‘Why does he kiss the shirt without signing a contract extension?’

The goalkeeper will see his contract expire in June and has already rejected two contract extension offers from the Rossoneri.

“I can’t enter his head because we are different. We used to have agents too, good agents. We decided to stay at Milan without overthinking about it,” Costacurta told Sky Sport.

“We probably earned less than what we could, but we stayed at Milan.

“I don’t think Milan can raise their offer, as Maldini said, they have a budget to respect. So, if they find an agreement, they’ll continue together, otherwise no.

“Sincerely, the situation is very clear. I don’t like what Raiola is doing, but who is responsible for this situation?

“He kisses the shirt, but then it takes so long to sign a contract extension. Why does he kiss the shirt? It’s annoying.

“I may be old-fashioned, but why does he kiss the shirt? Maybe he will also kiss the shirt of his next club. Perhaps I am not intelligent enough, I’d like to see fewer kisses and more concrete actions.”