Sunday April 11 2021
Cassano: 'Conte parks the bus, it's horrifying'

Antonio Cassano blasts Inter boss Antonio Conte for ‘parking the bus’ with ‘the kind of football that gives me the shivers. If I was there, I’d beg the President to fire him.’

Their game with Cagliari kicks off at 11.30 UK time (10.30 GMT), click here for the line-ups and Liveblog.

“Inter will win the Scudetto, because the only way to lose it now would be throwing it out the window, but I have to say this with a heavy heart: they play bad football,” Cassano told Bobo TV.

“As for the talk about getting new players in, who would that be? Conte doesn’t want real champions.”

During the traditional Twitch chat with Christian Vieri, Inter fan Cassano continued his tirade against Conte’s tactics.

“Ajax played with a three-man defence under Louis van Gaal too, but Conte plays 5-3-2, with everyone behind the ball, sitting there to defend the goal. Park the bus and you do not pass.

“This kind of football gives me the shivers, it’s horrifying. If I had a coach like this, I’d go to the President and beg him to fire the boss.”