Thursday April 15 2021
Gravina 'hopes' to reopen stadiums before Euro 2020

The FIGC President Gabriele Gravina said there’s ‘hope’ to reopen stadiums ahead of Euro 2020. ‘The Final of the Coppa Italia is one of the hypotheses’.

Gravina met with Valentina Vezzali, the undersecretary with responsibility for Sport, and said the discussion of reopening stadiums ‘went well’.

The Italian Government has given the all-clear for the Stadio Olimpico in Rome to host at least 25 per cent capacity at Euro 2020 and Gravina believes stadiums can reopen before the competition this summer.

“The meeting went well, it was proactive and constructive,” he said, according to TMW. “A very useful comparison with great analysis of the moment, for all sports, not just football.

“The general reopening of Serie A stadiums is linked to that.

“It’s unthinkable to hope for an isolated opening of one sector to the detriment of others. Now, hope has opened and I hope that there will be a generalised reopening.

“The decisions are up to the government, there are great possibilities even before the European Cup.

“The Final of the Coppa Italia is one of the hypotheses, along with other events before June.”