Thursday April 15 2021
Why Reynolds chose Roma over Juventus

USA international Bryan Reynolds’ father explained why the full-back chose Roma over Juventus in February. ‘He’s a smart kid’.

Bryan Reynolds Sr, the father and agent of the Giallorossi defender, spoke to The Italian Football Podcast about his son’s experience at Roma and why he picked the Italian capital over a move to Turin last winter.

Reynolds started his first game against Bologna last time, his second appearance in Serie A since the move from FC Dallas.

"The parent rating is a 5 because I know what he is capable of doing but also take into consideration that he hadn't played for three months,” Reynolds Sr told The Italian Football Podcast about the match against Bologna.

“Since the MLS playoff season, he had COVID, he had to travel back to get his work visa, so I give him a pink slip or pass.

“But as a parent I was very proud of him to see him step out on a Serie A field, because a year ago he wasn't even playing at this time.

“It was very positive but of course as a father and coach you want more but you have to understand the circumstances."

The father and agent revealed Reynolds idolised Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

"He loved Cristiano Ronaldo. Everybody has this debate between Cristiano Ronaldo and [Lionel] Messi, but as he got older and people that know soccer know that they are different players. They're two great players in this era but different players.

“The kids that followed Messi were the shorter kids, that's the beauty of soccer, it doesn't matter what size you are, you can still play.

“Whilst Ronaldo was like Bryan, a more athletic person, and usually people say athletic players don't have skills. But Cristiano was the player who was super athletic but was also extremely skilled.

“And because of Bryan's size, that's who he gravitated to. Because you don't want to be the athlete playing soccer, you want to be the soccer player who is an athlete.

“That's what we push Bryan to be; a soccer player first, then an athlete."

Reynolds could have become Ronaldo’s teammate at Juventus, who were interested in signing the American and planning to send the full-back on loan to Benevento to gain experience.

"The determining factor [behind joining Roma] was that Bryan wanted to go to a team where he was needed and would stay. With Juventus he would have to go to Benevento first. We didn't know how long they were going to keep him there.

"But Juventus were very interested and he was ready to go to Juventus. And Juventus had every intention to play him quickly. We learned that in Europe the younger players are thrown into the fire quicker than the MLS.

"But determining factor was Bryan wanted to go straight to a team, he didn't want to go the long  way and then have to leave to go back to Turin. Roma gave him a straight shot at the non-EU spot, he loved it. He wanted to be in one place. He didn't want to pick up and leave and then have to go and learn another system and everything all over again.

"He's a smart kid, it's hard turn down Juventus. To Americans Juventus is Juventus. That's all you have to say. Juventus is Juventus."