Thursday April 15 2021
Lazio vs. Torino: Lazio filed second appeal

Lazio have filed an appeal to the CONI College of Guarantee regarding the postponed match against Torino, hoping to get a 3-0 win by default.

The Biancocelesti appealed the decision of not giving them a 3-0 win by default after Torino didn’t show up for the League match scheduled for March 2.

The Sports Court of Appeal rejected Lazio’s appeal and confirmed the match against Torino must be played, but the Aquile have decided to take their demand to the next level.

TMW published the statement released by the CONI College of Guarantee, confirming the Biancocelesti have filed an appeal.

“The Sports College of Guarantees has received an appeal presented by SS Lazio against Torino FC for the reform of sentence no. 132/CSA/2020-2021, issued by the Sports Court of Appeal of the FIGC, First Section, on March 30, 2021.”