Thursday April 15 2021
Giulini felt 'betrayed' by Cagliari

Cagliari President Tommaso Giulini admits he is ‘furious’ to see them risk relegation ahead of the showdown with Parma. ‘I even felt betrayed by the team.’

It kicks off on Saturday at 19.45 UK time (18.45 GMT), click here for a match preview.

“The lads will be in a training camp to concentrate over the next two days,” Giulini told Radiolina.

“They’ll need to show what they have been unable to in the previous 30 rounds. This is the game of a lifetime. We believe in safety, but have to focus on the short-term and that means beating Parma.”

Although Cagliari have improved since Eusebio Di Francesco was fired, Leonardo Semplici has lost momentum too.

“We didn’t do what we expected, we changed coach, started to play well, then fell into the same old mistakes. For example, if we had faced Juventus the way we did Inter, then we might’ve got a result out of it.

“I wouldn’t say I am disappointed with this season, I’d say I am furious and I genuinely struggle to express how angry I am. We have an important squad, with champions like Diego Godin, Radja Nainggolan, Giovanni Simeone and Daniele Rugani. We didn’t expect to be in this situation.

“What we wanted to do was improve on last season, but now we’re left with desperation, fury and hunger, the characteristics we need to get out of this hole.

“Money spent on wages or transfers doesn’t translate to results. What you need is the hunger to save Cagliari, and that is what I’ve rarely seen this season. I struggle to understand why we are still in this situation. There’s no more time, we’ve got to come together.

“I hate walking around the streets of Cagliari feeling ashamed of this team. I even felt betrayed by the team lately, but I don’t want to talk about individuals. I get the impression still that everyone here believes we can secure safety, but they’ve got to prove it to me on Saturday.

“I am not saying that anyone betrayed us or was already thinking about their next club, but I felt at times betrayed by the group.”